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 Imagine yourself reaching your goals today, or for the rest of your life. That's right. You are on point for your visions. You hit your targets.

I didn't say anything that you don't already know, but when you are busy closing so many transactions, sometimes you forget. 

There is an enormous array of  other ideas and opportunities to explore. Schedule a consult with me and let's collaborate to discover what other methods  you might use to help grow your businesses. Yes, that’s exciting. This ultimately relieves you from the stress of running a business. 

I believe  the old saying, “if you want to go far, go together.” What do you think? Let me help you reach higher  and achieve more goals and more success..

Let me help you make more. More money. More freedom. More time... quality time for you to create magic with those who matter to you most.

Here is a little bit about us.

LINS is a group of independent consultants working together to help businesses and professionals grow.

Like a butterfly transformed from a caterpillar, LINS as an entity has matured, and refined its work; focusing on its strength, which aligns with your pressing needs of creating quality content; using the best-suited medium to promote your businesses and causes.  We have decades of combined  experience in behavioral psychology, data science, and analysis, to tailor fit your clients' needs.

Would you like to leverage our skills to scale your businesses? Contact us.  


Marketing Creative

I'm inge Cheng | ingzpage  I am a content creator; the "Implementer" and your PR representative, marketing communication manager.  I thrive in using my creative skills to promote you, your work and your causes. 

I manage LINS consulting group.  We collaborate mainly with real estate professionals, brokers, and investors, like you.

I wear many hats. The underlying mission is the same: to oversee and assist you in managing your digital content marketing projects, so you can stay focused on what you do best. Don’t let a lack of resources and tasks that you don’t enjoy doing, get in the way of your bigger goals. Most importantly, I have successfully enabled my clients to gain more time and close more transactions. 

I am a licensed Real Estate Associate.  I worked with the late Mr. LINS as his Jr. associate, executive assistant & as his office manager for for over 20 years. His motto was Leverage Intelligence, Negotiation Skills to achieve success, and I continue in this tradition.

Since then, I have chosen to work with top-producing executives, investors and professionals to define and prioritize key areas of their businesses needs. I strive to empower them, crafting & managing their marketing materials and activities; ultimately supporting and facilitating the closing of the transactions.

Some of the tasks that I have provided: 

  • Assist in growing your businesses or investments.
  • Create and manage marketing communication (MarCom) materials:  Design, layout graphics, create videos and post contents.
  • Ghostwriting |  English and 中文 (Free English editing service included)
  • Attend & assist planning of events, network and represent you.
  • Liaise and provide a concierge level of service for your clients.
  • Connect, interact and communicate with your community.
  • Facilitate in financial investment analysis and reporting
  • Personal assist you on other needed tasks, as to your specification; yes, done, done, done! And, done the way you like it.

DRE License No. #01178297
Notary Public Commission#2225527

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Stay focused on what you do best. Don’t let lack of resources and tasks that you don’t enjoy doing get in the way of your bigger goals.  Whether it’s attending networking events, arranging meetings, looking to fill that vacant space, or working with cities to maximize the highest & best use or parcelizing, sub-dividing the land parcels into a mixed-use re-developments.  I'm also qualified to create marketing that’s specializing in each market type & specific needs per project. I can help.

Vons 2720 Woodland Hills, CA

Redevelopment project. All credits to Vons/Safeway construction department. Special Thanks to Sr. Architect, Wesley. Completed and done within all constraints.

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