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Account Servicing | Business Development

Proven  results in finding and matching clients’ needs; advocating and facilitating your investment and business needs

Create and manage marketing communication (MarCom) materials and resources for you.

Generate and Nurture leads and relationships, and Service business accounts for you.

Liaise and provide a concierge level of service for your clients.

Attend & assist planning of events, network and represent you.

Design and layout graphics; Create & post contents.

Connect, interact and communicate with your community.

Manage website, and blogging, email marketing.

Facilitate in financial investment analysis and assist you personally as needed.


Creative Consultant

I'm inge Cheng | ingzPage.  My experience compounded with my enthusiasm is your best tool to build your brand. 

I am a licensed Real Estate Associate and Notary Public. I have serviced  the late Mr. LINS, a former Commercial Real Estate Investment Advisor, Broker Associate and a real estate investor; as his Jr. associate and executive assistant since the eighties. Ever since, I've chosen to work with top-producing executives, investors and professionals to define and prioritize key areas of their businesses needs, empower them by doing the needed tasks, creating, crafting & managing their marketing materials and activities, ultimately support the closing of the transactions. 

I am the "Implementer" and your representative, MarCom (marketing communication) coordinator, overlooking and helping you manage your transactions where you needed. I can also support your website, blogging, email marketing, and assist you personally so that whatever task is at hand, it is as good as done...and done the way you like it. 



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Marketing Intern | Virtual Assistant

Angelica Schneider

Media & Blog

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Stay focus on what you do best. Don’t let tasks that you don’t enjoy doing get in the way of your bigger goals.  Whether it’s attending networking events, arranging meetings, looking to fill that vacant space, or working with cities to maximize the highest & best use or parcelizing, sub-dividing the land parcels into a mixed-use re-developments.  I'm also qualified to create marketing that’s specializing in each market type & specific needs per project. I can help.

Vons 2720 Woodland Hills, CA

Redevelopment project. All credits to Vons/Safeway construction department. Special Thanks to Sr. Architect, Wesley. Completed and done within all constraints.


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Entitlement & Variance & CUP


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