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Project Highlight

Pad Development

  • Conduct Due Deligence
  • Gather relevant data, including  selection specifics
  • Compute expenditure dynamics and various evaluation factors; e.g. land, market and rental rates


  •  Mixed Use Development
  • Build alliance and obtain approvals
  • All plans, public records at the City


  • Redevelop Big Boxes which have gone dark
  • Liaise between different constituents, such as obtaining approval and variance from the City
  • Oversee the financial line item in a development project, and ensuring that buildings are delivered on time


Marketing | Business Development

Account Representation & Managing--

For real estate professionals or investors,

Creatively supporting your transactional needs.

Marketing done right drives sales and traffic and your net growth.

We focus on working with you building strategies and

execute your short and long terms plans to support your brand.

My associate and i, we enjoy supporting busy real estate executives/investors,

by helping them generate new businesses using different media;

if budget allows, we utilize print media in conjunction.

We focus on creating and manage your digital content--

from creating, posting, engaging and coordinating, following up all channel of sales process.

We can even help engaging in some prospecting, attending networking events, generating leads,

contacting and nurturing the leads,

then you don't need to sweat these seemingly mundane but the key of building your database.

As a flex marketing staff, we manage your sales and marketing activities

for your book of business and continue building it, developing and building relationships,

so you can focus on higher return transactions.

Currently we are under contracts, but we are always open to new collaboration opportunities.

Additionally, we can also support your website, blogging, email marketing, and assist you personally.

Retail, Real Estate Development

Investment | Business Opportunity


Real Estate Advisor

I've teamed up with a few top corporate real estate executives. Each has over 30 years of experience in institutional development and investment transactions.

I also work with notable financial and mortgage advisors, with private and institutional experience in real estate helping you implement a wide range of real estate and financial solutions.

Specialties: Real Estate Investments and Development, Real Estate Consultant, specialize in funding real estate investment; Cash to deals and deals to cash.

Finding investors who understand real estate and match each person to the investment needs. 

MarCom Creative Consultant

Greetings! I am ingzPage | inge Cheng. I have serviced LINS, a former Commercial Real Estate Investment Advisor, Broker Associate and a real estate investor; as his Jr associate and executive assistant since the eighties. Ever since, I've chose to work with, hence empower executives, investors and professionals to define and prioritize key areas of their businesses needs by doing the needed tasks to reach results; I am the "Implementer" and your representative, MarCom (marketing communication) coordinator-- over looking and helping you manage your transactions from start to finish. I can also support your website, blogging, email marketing, and assist you personally.


Marketing Intern | Virtual Assistant

Angelica Schienieder.


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